VIDEO: “Muslim Bagel Store Owner Donates 100% Of Profits To Boston Marathon Victims Fund”

From CBS Boston 

BOSTON (CBS) – Businesses large and small have reacted to the Boston Marathon bombings, but for the owner of Bagel Land in Winchester, this is personal, very personal.

Ehab Sadeek is an Egyptian Muslim who calls the marathon bombers “cowards.”

“They don’t represent my faith. They don’t represent my religion. They will not hijack my religion,” he told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“Being a Muslim, I felt I cannot stay quiet about that.”

So Sadeek says, with the urging of his young daughter, he has decided to give 100-percent of the profits from his retail bagel business to the One Fund Boston, and he will keep it up until the last victim is out of the hospital.

As of Monday, 29 victims of the marathon bombings remained in the hospital.

“I hope they come home soon, but we are committed to do it,” Sadeek said.

Sadeek says the attacks at the marathon were personal to him.

“If I stay quiet about it then I am giving these terrorists a chance to hijack my religion. I know what I stand for,” Sadeek said.

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