“Target Ad Featuring Muslim Woman Causes Controversy”

From The Daily Mail (UK)

Department store chain Target has sparked a heated debate on social media after featuring a mother wearing a hijab in its back-to-school catalogue.

On Wednesday, Facebook users shared photographs of the catalogue, which also featured a little girl with leg braces, to praise Target for its ‘cultural diversity’.

But some were far from impressed, slamming the campaign as ‘unnecessary’ and urging others to stop shopping at the retailer with the hashtag ‘boycott Target’.

‘This is what’s called appeasing the minority. You don’t see people from any other “religion” wearing traditional clothing in a catalogue,’ one women wrote.

‘I won’t be shopping at Target again if they promote this sort of stuff,’ another said.

The advertisement featured a woman, either a teacher or mother, embracing a young boy as he carries a Target lunchbox.

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