NEWS: “Morgan Freeman Discusses Religion & Islamophobia”

From The Daily Beast

The second season of The Story of God, which premieres Jan. 16, consists of three episodes following Freeman across the world as he speaks with members of various faiths, including a 9-year-old Minnesotan boy who Tibetan monks believe is a reincarnation of a lama; Kenneth Bae, an American Christian missionary who was held prisoner in North Korea; and several prominent Muslims in various parts of the Middle East who, despite experiencing hell on earth, maintain their belief in a higher power.

In the first episode of this season, Mr. Freeman, you met with members of the Shia community, and witnessed their holiest night, Ashura. President Obama recently had a wonderful line in his farewell address about how we should all reject discrimination against Muslim-Americans. How do you feel about the way Islam has been demonized by Trump and members of the conservative right?

I think that there are those areas among us that paint an entire group with the same brush, so that’s what’s happening.

Right. I’ve read statistics that have pointed out how the overwhelming majority of people in America who have unfavorable views of Islam have never so much as met a Muslim person.

Exactly. Or never been to a mosque, don’t know the Quran. What we found out is that Jesus Christ is a prophet in Islam. So the paths, they intersect! They intermingle! That’s how they see Jesus: as a prophet. He’s not something alien to their beliefs.

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